Bob and Libby Murray (c. 1970)

Built before the Civil War and completely remodeled in 1936 by the Cal Milam family, the Merrick Inn served as the manor house for one of Lexington's finest horse farms. 

It was here at Merrick Place, that Milam and his groom, Mr. Johnson, trained the fabled "Exterminator", Kentucky Derby winner of 1918.  Here also, "Tut Tut", who won every race he entered as a two year old in 1920; and Komuraski, Commodore, Brown Wisdom, Miss Joy, Milkmaid, McKee (winner of the National Stallion Stakes), and Dust Flower, who defeated Cartoonist and Messenger in the 1922 Flashstakes, started on their paths to fame and fortune.  None of these thoroughbreds, however, gained such widespread fame as Merrick himself.

Merrick finished in the money 157 times, winning 62 races. Merrick became a member of the Milam family not only because of his success at the races, but also because he was "worthy in deeds and noble in character" ~ a tribute to him etched by the Milams on his gravestone located in the shady circle just in front of the inn.  Merrick died in 1941 at the age of 38, the oldest of all thoroughbreds.  Merrick was a truly special horse and his namesake a very special farm.  

The Merrick Inn has been owned and operated by the Murray family for nearly 40 years.  Offering the finest in traditional southern dining and innovative specials.  Times have changed, but we believe the beauty and charm of our inn have been enhanced by the years of offering many good people the best of Kentucky traditions. 


1074 Merrick Drive
Lexington, Kentucky 40502
Telephone:(859) 269-5417