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Merrick Inn Named as one of the 50 Best Southern Restuarants by Forbes, Food and Wine, Travel and Leisure & Open Table 

 Today, OpenTable released its "50 Best Southern Restaurants” list. And as someone who appreciates putting a little South in her mouth, OpenTable’s newest restaurant list really spoke to my okra-loving heart. The new list obviously includes many restaurants in the South, but it also includes Northeast and Midwest states (such New York, Pennsylvania, and Illinois)—proving that Southern hospitality extends above the Mason-Dixon line.

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Win, Place, Show Dining in Lexington

It’s an institution that has been a tradition among Lexington locals for the past 40 years. Fried food fiends will savor their famous southern fried chicken and walleye pike entrées or the fried green tomatoes starter. If you’re looking for something on the lighter side, you can opt for the pecan crusted pork tenderloin that is topped with Maker’s Mark apple chutney.

While you are enjoying your meal, you will be steeped in Thoroughbred tradition. It was here at Merrick Place, that the former manor owner trained the fabled "Exterminator," the 1918 Kentucky Derby winner. The namesake of the manor, a Thoroughbred named Merrick, finished in the money 125 times, winning 61 races. Be sure to pay homage to Merrick at his gravestone, located just in front of the Inn.

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Merrick Inn offers uncomplicated Southern food, inventive twists

If you’re looking for one of Lexington’s most atmospheric places to dine, book a table at the Merrick Inn. Hidden away on the leafy grounds of a suburban apartment complex, it dates back to pre-Civil War days and was a former Thoroughbred farm, home to the legendary Merrick, who finished in the money 157 times. Merrick lived to be 38, and you can see his gravestone in the circle in front of the inn, which eulogizes him as being “worthy in deeds and noble in character.”

Worthy and noble might also be apt descriptions for the restaurant’s take on its food and its patrons. This is not a place where the culinary team is on an ego trip. If you’re looking for a chef who loves to experiment with avant-garde techniques and is all about turning out dishes with ingredients one wouldn’t normally think of putting together — octopus in tacos with mole sauce, for example — don’t book a table at Merrick Inn.


Count on Merrick Inn for Quintessential Kentucky Food

Merrick Inn has been in the hospitality business for more than 30 years. During that time, it has established a reputation for dining that is thoroughly rooted in Kentucky classics while periodically updating its menu to reflect contemporary trends.

Another signature of Merrick has been its successful blend of down-home service, sweet and friendly, in a converted mansion whose décor follows suit with gilt-framed equine art and white tablecloths.

This is pretty country food in a fancy setting, and all that that entails. When the kitchen steps outside the familiar, it takes whatever liberties it feels necessary. No one seems to mind. But the greatest satisfaction, for me at least, came with Merrick's interpretations of its classics.


1074 Merrick Drive
Lexington, Kentucky 40502
Telephone:(859) 269-5417